how we work

A healthy body is in balance. Our treatment is based on "relaxing and rebuilding" the body. The combination of promoting health via activating the lymphatic system and then having a tailored massage leads to more energy, balance and joy of life for our patients.


Our employees are sensitive and have a lot of knowledge and experience in supporting individuals. Robert Schneider and his team have efficient ways to diagnose and cure disease. The treatments have also been successful with patients that have "terminally classified diseases".


Robert Schneider
Diagnostics, Master of medical massage NBC, biomedical

Disease is a signal that something in the body is not in order, that the life and vitality are disrupted and the energy is unable to flow.


A person feels full of vitality when the entire body interacts in a harmonious way allowing it to heal and grow.

Individuals who have bodies that are harmonious and balanced have great personal charm and excellent health. This can change rapidly especially when we are under stress as the chemical reaction in the body changes. The new body conceptTM treatments can help individuals to stay calm and content, remain authentic enabling the right decisions to be made even in stressful situations.

Previous disturbances due to accidents or external violence (due to a fall, impact of electricity, etc.) are detected in the treatment and solutions can be identified.

Partner of the Foundation and a recognized healer of the International Mediation Office for Outstanding Healers (IVH).

consultation & treatment

new body conceptTM is a form of healing developed by Robert Schneider, using knowledge from the Celts. In combination with bio-medicine and the use of innovative instruments for measuring, relaxing, harmonizing the body and mental tensions, the body is able to return to a harmonious state. Natural products and supplements are used to support the treatments.


NBC is an efficient method of treatment for the following problems:


• Lack of energy, fatigue
• Chronic pain due to overuse, accidents, sports
• Back pain, tension in the shoulder, slipped, moved coccyx
• Achilles Tendonitis, heel spurs
• Carpal tunnel syndrome
• Hyperactivity (ADHD)
• Muscle twitching
• Depression, Burnout, Boreout
• Fear, uncertainty
• Facial nerve inflammation (Trigemus neuralgia)
• Paralysis and paralysis
• Treatment of implants
• Stroke (HWC)
• Whiplash injury, shock
• Conception - and pregnancy issues
• Cancer (metastasis)

the first appointment

The duration of the first appointment is one hour. This includes a discussion regarding the status of your current health, a diagnosis and the suggested treatment. Additional appointments are then scheduled with your consent at the end of your first appointment.

Patients who are experiencing pain in the body will feel an improvement a few days after a treatment.
Additional appointments can also be booked via phone +41 79 151 67 89.

so findest du uns

Unsere Praxis befindet sich in 6208 Oberkirch (Kanton Luzern) unmittelbar an der A2 Ausfahrt Sursee, 45 Bahnminuten von Bern und 20           Bahnminuten von Luzern entfernt. Vom Bahnhof Sursee fährt ein Bus jede 15 min. direkt vor die Praxis (Haltestelle Länggasse). Neben der Praxis in Oberkirch behandeln wir auch in Derendingen und in Basel. Termine für eine Beratung oder eine Behandlung können Sie hier online oder telefonisch unter +41 79 151 67 89 buchen.


new body concept, länggasse 3, 6208 oberkirch (LU)

Tel. +41 79 151 67 89


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